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How easy it is to enjoy a vacation in Australia. Easy to enjoy delicious food, and almost all the flavors of the world available in Australia with fresh fruit and vegetables are always available throughout the year. Also easy to get around in Australian cities using public transportation is world class. In addition, the easier it is to shop at will, ranging from small rural markets to big city shopping centers. And the best news is, all this can be done by the student budget.

Traveling to Australia of course not all of them for business spending. On the outskirts of Melbourne, about an hour away by car, can also be found Healesville Nature Reserve, which became the maintenance of more than 200 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles native to Australia.
Nature reserve which covers about 32 hectares that was opened to the public since 1934. Although three animals native to Australia's most widely known is the koala, kangaroo, and dingo (a type of wolf-like dog figures), actually a collection of Australian native animals are still many more, including platypus-mammals that live in two worlds, water and land, which wandering looking for food at night.
The officers in Healesville Natural Reserve is ready to give a detailed explanation about the animals that were there, ranging from kangaroos that can determine their own when their children removed from the womb to the maintenance of his pocket, until that koalas sleep for 21 hours in one day.
Outside the nature reserve, on the outskirts of Melbourne, there are also other places of interest to visit, among other places the manufacture of wine. One is Yering Station in Yarra Valley, which was founded in 1838. Although not the largest wine producer in Australia, Yering Station is one of a family-owned wine companies that are difficult to miss.
As one tourist destination city, Melbourne, which can be categorized as a metropolitan city quite friendly to tourists in economy class are familiar with the term backpacker (ambulant backpack). Coach backpack tourists shelter adjacent to the four-star hotels

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find the hottest deals on flights, hotels and holiday packages ?

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