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Bali Information -Yells, giggles and wild laughter: six children scamper out of their houses to shout the favorite play words: "Turis! Turis!" A somnolent dog lazily raises its haunches and shies away. Stately ladies in festival dress, bearing lowers of fruit offerings upon their heads, turn to watch the passer by. The road is a meeting place for everyone. Temples, shrines, ruins, dances, palaces await you everywhere as destinations. The scenes along the road provide the lively drama of the people who give Bali its native charm.
Not all the roads in the island are streamlined. Those in the best condition and with the most traffic connect Denpasar with the main towns and centers of tourism. If you relish smooth traveling it's best to limit yourself to these chief town and villages. But if bumps mean little, nearly every place of interest is accessible by car or jeep. To be safe ' before going exploring, inquire for current information about road conditions. The map on the following pages also indicates the types of roads.
Swiftest transportation is by hired car or microbus. An adequate number of taxis, operated by travel agents and hotels, serve the island. Independently run taxis are stationed at the Suci bus terminal in Denpasar. To head off the beaten track, a jeep is best, available upon special request you will have to ask around. Though recommended only for the hardy, seasoned traveler, the Balinese bus is an incomparable conveyance. Hundreds of buses traverse every district of the island at generally reasonable fares. There are two main bus stations in Denpasar: Kreneng serving the east (toward Ubud and Klungkung), and Ubung serving the west (Tabanan and Bedugul). Quick microbuses, called "Colts", a so leave from these stations. Bemos, small trucks carrying up to twelve people, offer economical transit in Denpasar and surrounding areas. The sound of bells and hoof beats are the accompaniment for a jog through Denpasar in a dokar, a horse-drawn cart carrying up to three passengers. It is advisable to settle the price with the driver before starting on a journey.
An exciting thing to do in Bali is to get lost in the innumerable village compounds off the main streets everyone is about his business a usual. The atmosphere of ease and affability in unmistakably Balinese. It is most fun to go by motor scooter or bicycle, choosing one's pac… and stopping frequently. Vespas, Lambrettas, Yamahas, Hondas and bicycles are rented in most large villages. Where the road ends, tak to the sea. Jukungs, outrigger prahus used for fishing, sail with two orthree passengers to Serangan, "The Turtle Island", a short distance from Sanur. From Kusamba beyond Klungkung in the east, jukungs sail to Nusa Penida Island. From Padangbai boats ferry to Lombok Island.
Much of island travel is left up to the special interests and ingenuity of the individual. There are dozens of activities to choose from when touring Bali. You may enjoy anything from hiking down the crater of a volcano to seeking out a secluded beach to pass the afternoon sunbathing. The following trips are guidelines, to spotlight interesting places and to give an overall view of the possibilities of exploring the island. They are designed to be flexible so that you may pick up and depart from them as you please. Many parts of Bali remain unknown, yet to be discovered. The best guides have their trade secrets and can lead you to places few have seen before.

The nicest times to travel are in the morning hours and late afternoons leaving midday free for a leisurely meal. Local food stands offer hot drinks, fruits and cakes for snacks. Modern toilet facilities and running water are scarce outside the main tourist centers. A guide knows the best places to make stopovers if you plan to be out all day. For those whose stay is short, the Ubud-Kintamani Tour is a good introduction to Bali and its opportunity for shopping. Trips to the east and to the west cover the more remote parts of the island. The trip south concentrates on the shoreline and beach life, and the Northern Round Trip bridges the mountain range to the coast of North Bali
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  1. Bali is wonderful place .....There is lots of places to see.....It so romantic place to visit, would surely get confused as to close the eyes and enjoy the peace and calmness of the nature or to open the eyes and sink in the beauty ...You feel in lap of the nature...!!

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